Best High Lift Mower Blades – Which blades handle heavy duty work without being too loud?

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Are you looking for replacement blades for your mower? High lift mower blades could be suited for your needs. These blades are strong and sturdy, offering a clean cut regardless of the weather or the thickness of your grass. They are sharp and winged, creating a unique aerodynamic lift that enables them to lift grass before cutting it. The best high lift mower blades will guarantee satisfactory performance each time.


My job requires constant shifting after every year. As a result, I tend to live in rental properties over each period. Most property managers oversee the mowing and landscaping, and add it to your list of expenses. I prefer to do my own landscaping, since I always have weekends off. I do not have a lawn mower, due to the nature of my job. However, I do enjoy landscaping. In 2017, I was looking into landscaping options when I discovered that I needed a set of blades. Instead of neglecting the lawn or leaving the work to the property manager, I could easily lease a mower for a few hours and get it done myself. I looked on the internet and found out that high lift blades were ideal for all conditions. These are the best high lift mower blades I found.


  Maxpower blade set Longer life gator fusion Oregon gator G3 Pk2
hardened yes Yes yes
High lift Yes Yes yes
Rating 4.4 4.7 4.5



Maxpower 561713 2-Blade Set for 42 Inch Cut

Maxpower’s blade set is laser sharpened, and will be ready to use right from the start. It is easy to install, and has a universal fit and directions on each blade to prevent any mix-up. The blade is powerful,and can be used for heavy duty work. The set can be used for mulching, bagging or disposal, and is efficient for either function.


  • High lift for better cut
  • Powerful blades
  • Strong and durable
  • Great for heavy duty work
  • Laser sharpened
  • Easy to install


  • Not efficient when mulching on wet turfs

Longer Life Gator Fusion G5 3-In-1 Mulching Blades

The longer life gator G5 set of mulching blades is hardened for durability and will guarantee long term performance. These blades are ideal for heavy duty mulching, and will work well on thick and wet turfs. They guarantee a clean cut each time thanks to their power, which is enhanced by the strong aerodynamic force that lifts the grass before cutting.


  • Powerful high lift blades
  • Can perform multiple functions
  • Great for heavy duty work
  • Will work well on wet turfs
  • Guarantees a great cut


  • Can be loud
  • Not at ideal tilt for mulching

Oregon 96-401 PK2 G3 Gator

The set of G3 blades is sturdy and well fitting for most mower decks. It is hardened, and will last for a long time. These blades are powerful, and will work well on wet turfs. They are not as thick as other gator blades, and may not be ideal for heavy duty work.


  • Powerful blades
  • Hardened for durability
  • Easy to fit and install
  • Great for wet turfs


  • Not at ideal tilt for mulching
  • Not ideal for heavy duty work

My verdict

The Maxpower 561713 2-Blade Set for 42 Inch Cut is versatile and durable. They are hardened for better performance over a long time, and will only need sharpening once in a while. The blades are compatible with many mower brands, which is ideal for landscaping of rental properties. I have also been able to occasionally mulch with the blades, thanks to their versatility and special design. I also noticed that the blades cut and throw mulch better than other mulching blades too! For an added perk, these blades are delivered sharpened with top of the line laser technology.

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