Best Gator Blades for Toro 50 inch – Which gator blades can be used for mulching with the Toro 50 inch?

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When looking for mower blades for your 50 inch toro deck, you should consider the performance, perks offered and compatibility with your machine. Even though G3, G5 and G6 blades may all be great fits for your mower, you need to consider other factors such as blade thickness and aerodynamic effect. The best gator blades for toro 50 inch mowers will be universally fitting, offer prime performance and carry additional perks to help make your mowing efficient and free of any hassle.


Until recently, I used a toro 50 inch with a 50 inch deck and stock blades to mow my lawn. The mower is a bit dated, and the blades needed to be sharpened more often to get the perfect cut. I only have a 20HP engine attached, and have been advised that some blades may be too thick to run efficiently with this mower. I looked into the best gator blades for toro 50 inch mower decks to hep find the perfect replacement part. These are the best gator blades I found.

  Gator Fusion G5 Oregon 98-631 G3 G3 96-382
Edges jagged jagged jagged
Can mulch yes yes yes
Universal Yes yes yes
Rating 4.5 3.5 4.5



Gator Fusion G5

These blades are the most powerful of the three listed in this review. They are thick and sturdy, which makes them durable and ideal for heavy duty. The can combine a number of functions, and will help you mulch your lawn thanks to the curved and jagged edges to support the feature.

Due to their powerful performance, these blades can be a bit loud. They combine high lift action with jagged edges and longer sharpened surfaces, which helps to cut down the clippings before depositing them back onto the lawn or into a bag.


  • Hard and sturdy
  • Powerful blades
  • Guarantees a clean cut
  • High lift action
  • Compatible with the toro 50 inch


  • Can be loud
  • Thicker than stock blades, which might affect efficiency

Oregon 98-631 G3

The G3 98-631 blades are also compatible with the Toro 50-inch deck. They are powerful, and will guarantee a clean cut even if your lawn has thick grass or leaves. The high lift ensures that these blades work just as well on wet turfs. They are curved upwards and have jagged edges, and can be used for mulching. These blades will last for a long time as they have been hardened.


  • High lift for clean cut
  • Powerful
  • Will work comfortably on wet lawns
  • Great quality
  • Hard and sturdy


  • Not the best angle for mulching

Oregon G3 96-382

The G3 96-382 are friendly priced. The set contains 3 blades, for convenient replacement. The blades are easy to install, and will fit the toro deck. They are also hardened for durability, and will work well even on heavy duty turfs. They can grind leaves and cones, and will work efficiently on wet turfs. The sharpened, jagged edges and high lift guarantees a great and even cut around your lawn. These blades can can also be used for mulching. They are multifunctional, and can also be used for bagging and disposal.


  • Powerful
  • Compatible with the toro 50 inch
  • Durable
  • High lift for better performance
  • Guarantees a clean cut


  • Not tilted at the best angle for mulching

My verdict

After trying out some of the blades on the list, I concluded that the Oregon 96-382 (3 Pack) toro G3 gator 3-in-1 mulcher blades were the pick of the bunch. The G3 gator blades are lighter than other gator blades, and are closer to the stock toro blades in terms of performance. The blades are also designed to mulch the lawn after cutting it, ensuring that the grass receives essential nutrients for healthy and even growth.

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