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An air compressor is an essential tool to have at home or in your garage. But selecting one can be a daunting task in addition to manual specifications that are quite technical in nature.

You may be wondering how do I choose an air compressor that will fit your needs and at the same time fit in your garage. We have taken the liberty to select for you the top five best gas powered air compressors in the market.

1.​ Puma Air Compressors PUK 5508G

This high powered gas compressor is suitable for heavy commercial or industrial use. It is made from a durable hard frame that can withstand pressure and lasts for a very long time.

2. Rol – Air 6590HK18 Honda Air compressor Honda 9 Gal

This is an upgrade to the GX160 models and is known to perform better by delivering up to 50 percent CFM than previous models. With improved fuel economy this air compressor promises to be one of the best air compressors in the market.

3. Campbell hausfeld Air Compressor

This a compressor quite suitable for handling pressure tools like saws, wrenches and drills. It comes a durable and efficient Honda engine that ensures that save on fuel and oil.

4. Northstar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor – Honda GX390 OHV

Thinking of doing some industrial work or automotive modifications then this is the right compressor for you. Powered by a powerful Honda engine with very quick recovery time should ensure you run your jobs without running out of air.

This is a review of the Best Gas Powered Air Compressors

  1. Puma Air Compressors PUK 5508G

Honda engines are known for their reliability and durability, and that is why the Puma with a CARB Approved 5.5 HP engine makes it to our list.

The Puma delivers 9.2 cubic feet per minute of air at 90 psi making it suitable to run heavy duty tools like hammers, wrenches and airbrush work on a large scale.

With 8 gallons of storage you do not need to keep refilling the compressor, this lets you work for very long hours without any interruption to work done.

The puma may be heavy at 183 pounds, but it comes in a wheelbarrow like shape that helps you move it from one place to another. This makes the puma one of the best air compressors in the market.

Things we like

  • Powerful 5.5 HP Honda engine that delivers is powerful and reliable
  • An airflow of 9.2 cubic feet that handles most industrial tools
  • Large storage of 8 gallons that reduces refills
  • It is made in wheelbarrow shape that is easy to transport
  • A durable steel frame

Thinks we do not like

  • The Puma is quite heavy and may require extra support to carry it.

“Honda engines are known for their efficiency and power this compressor does not disappoint.”

2. Rol – Air 6590HK18 Honda Air compressor Honda 9 Gal

The Rol comes with a 200cc Honda engine that delivers 6.5 HP of power. This is powerful enough to power most industrial use.

With an Automatic Engine Idle you are guaranteed of improved fuel efficiency and long life. The model is an improvement from the GX160 series which gives prevents excessive oil consumption.

The 9-gallon tank can handle up to 9 roofing guns and 7 framing guns simultaneously. The compressor comes in a handy wheelbarrow frame that is easy to carry.

Things we like

  • A 9-gallon tank for continuous work without refill
  • Powerful 6.5HP improved and efficient Honda engine
  • Low oil and fuel consumption
  • Wheelbarrow design with wheels for easier transportation
  • CFM at 100 PSI that makes it suitable for industrial use

Things we do not like

  • Spare parts may be hard to find

“ I was surprised that after carrying out numerous activities the oil was still there”

3. Campbell hausfeld Air Compressor 9 gallon

The 5.5 HP Honda engine delivers enough power to power most drills and wrenches with improved oil and fuel efficiency. This lets you handle most industrial jobs with ease.

It comes with 9-gallon compressor that ensures that you finish your work without going to the store for a refill. The gas powered compressor is suitable for those jobs where electricity is not available.

The lubricated cast-iron two-cylinder engine delivers an amazing 10.2 CFM at 90 PSI. It is also rust resistant and lasts for long without breaking down.

The wheelbarrow design with handles makes this compressor easy to carry without undue pressure on your neck and back.

Things we like

  • Powerful Honda 5.5 HP engine that delivers maximum of 135 PSI
  • Durable Heavy-duty cast iron pump that is suitable for industrial use
  • Handles that make it easy to carry
  • Storage of up to 9 gallons
  • An efficient engine that cuts costs on oil and gas

Things we do not like

  • It is quite noisy and heavy

“The compressor was a bit heavy but with easy to use handles we were able to load it to my truck in minutes. I was also impressed by how much gas it holds”

4. Northstar Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor – Honda GX390 OHV

The Honda engine delivers CFM at 90 PSI that ensures low vibrations while at the same time maintaining efficiency to complete heavy industrial tasks. You also get a 3 Amp electric back up system.

A V cylinder design ensures that heat is eliminated in pressure points by an efficient cooling system. This leads to longer pump shelf life. An overhead valve ensures excellent fuel mixture intake leading to a complete exhaust.

The Northstar compressor is easy to carry and can be mounted on your truck and used in areas with no electricity. The crankshaft has bearings on both ends for additional support.

Thinks we like

  • An 8-gallon pump that produces 13.7 CFM at 90 PSI
  • V - design cylinder for faster cooling
  • Low vibrations leading to long life and smoother operation
  • 3 Amp electric battery which acts as a backup
  • Overhead valve that leads to better exhaust

Thinks we did not like

  • Heavy to carry

“Even at a higher power output the compressor still had low vibrations”

Factors to consider when buying a gas powered air compressor

  • Horsepower

The type of work you intend to use the air compressor will determine the amount of horsepower that you need. You should look for one with higher power if you have large drills and saws.

  • Tank Capacity

You should select a compressor with a tank capacity that will not need you to keep refilling the tank every time you do a job. The tanks should be able to fulfill the tasks assigned.

  • Portability

This is a key determining factor when looking for the best air compressor. Depending on your location and where you are going to store the compressor you may choose one with or without wheels. Heavy-duty compressors come in a wheelbarrow kind of frame.

  • CFM Rating 

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and is what is used to record how much air a compressor produces. Depending on the power required to power the tools you can choose higher or lower ratings. A CFM of less than 2 may be suitable for smaller tools like inflators and brad nailers while bigger ones like impact and ratchet wrenches may require 5.5 and above.

  • Fuel Efficiency

You should select a compressor that can maximize power output without consuming much fuel. With improvements in technology, new engines are being produced that are less noisy while at the same time being fuel efficient.


Based on the above factors we have a winner, the Rol – Air 6590HK18 which delivers 6.5 HP of power which is sufficient for handling most power tools. The Honda engine is an improvement from the previous series, and it ensures maximum air output while being fuel efficient. You also have an engine that prevents oil consumption making the Rol –Air the best air compressor in the market.

The huge tank that holds 9 gallons is very suitable for heavy commercial work. You can handle lots of work without the need for a refill. The wheelbarrow design makes this compressor easy to transport. You can load it to your truck and off you are to another location.

Honda engines have a reputation for being less noisy while producing low exhaust emission. The Rol – Air is the most environmentally friendly compressor in the list, it also passes many CARB tests and has a high Amazon rating.

This compressor can handle nine roofing guns and seven framing guns all at once making it very convenient for those thinking of multi-tasking with different tools.

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