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Are you tired of dragging around heavy hoses when watering your garden or lawn? Well, expandable hoses are an excellent product to purchase. These best expandable hose can expand up to five times its length when water is on, but goes back to the original size when the water is off. It’s also self draining.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing the best expandable hose for your yard;


The use will determine the size and durability. For example, if you are looking for a product that you’ll be using once in a while to wash your car or watering your flower garden, you might purchase a relatively short hose. If you will be dragging around to water a large garden or yard, you might need something that’s longer and can hold more weight and water.

Hose material

The cheaper the expandable hose is, the cheaper the grade of materials used to make it. This means you are likely to get the lowest quality which won’t last long.

A high quality hose may cost you more, but eventually it will save you money as you won’t have to replace it sooner than you need to.

Water Pressure

Expandable hoses do well with consistent water pressure. With low pressure, you might find your hose not as effective, while extremely high pressure may be the quickest way to destroy an expandable hose. You may be required to put a pressure regulator in order to get the best out of your expandable hose


Look for hoses that come with warranties to protect from any defects. Generally, they can be anywhere from 3 months up to 1 full year. The longer the warranty, the better.





Where to buy

J. Millman & Sons Expandable Garden Hose

50 /100 foot choices

3.02 lbs

Triple layer latex core

TruTec Black Expanding Garden Hose

100 feet

5.2 lbs

Dual layer latex core

Titan Expanding Hose

150 foot (25-100 ft choices available)

6.05 lbs

Dual layer latex core

Green Thumbing Expandable Garden Hose

50 feet

2.85 lbs

Triple layer latex core

GrowGreen  50 ft expandable hose

50 feet

1.85 lbs

Polyester brass

1. J. Millman & Sons Expandable Garden Hose

I consider the J. Millman and Sons Expandable hose to be the best because it has a heavy duty elastic woven outer covering that protects the core well. The three latex layers are extremely well designed to offer strength and longevity. This also makes it the best retracting hose which does not stretch out over time.

You are spoilt for choice since this hose comes in two sizes (a 50 foot version, and a 100 foot version). With this model, you do not have to worry about leaking or wear because the triple layer latex core and brass cuffs and fittings combined with metal couplings round out to the additional toughness, creating a durable and high quality product.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Thick nylon covering
  • Durable


  • Can’t store in direct sunlight
  • Water must be on all the way to reach the full length

2. TruTec Black Expanding Garden Hose

With its high quality triple layered latex to provide flexibility and  solid brass fittings to keep your connections from leaking, TruTec is one of the best expandable hose.

It has a hose valve that allows you to regulate pressure which means that you don’t have let the hose to expand to full length when you are working close to the water source. It’s available in multiple sizes and expands up to three times its original length to reach where you need it without compromising its weight and storability.

To increase longevity, you are recommended to store it away from direct sunlight. For those living in colder climate this hose comes with a stainless steel hanger and storage bag for once your watering season is over.


  • Easy to combine for further length
  • Good water pressure
  • Strong braid nylon covering


  • Cannot be left in sunlight

3. Titan Expanding Hose

If you are looking for a simple expandable hose for watering or active outdoor activities, Titan Expanding hose offers just that.

With this model, water pressure is an issue if you are using it without a nozzle because the core isn’t as narrow as many other traditional hoses. A nozzle seems to take care of this problem as it allows pressure to build up behind it during use.

This Titan hose comes in lengths of 25 feet to 150 feet in the same fittings and durable woven nylon covering. This means you don’t have to worry about the distance you are covering to have the job done.


  • Strong brass fittings
  • Durable thick covering
  • Good all-around yard use
  • Holds up well in sun and heat


  • Pressure doesn’t stay consistent
  • Snags easily on concrete

4. Green Thumbing Expandable Garden Hose

Green Thumbing is the best expandable hose if you are on a budget. It has a triple layer of latex covered by a woven nylon shell, allowing for good breathability and protection from the elements of weather.

 The brass fittings come with an on and off valve so that you are able to turn the water off at the hose rather than the source depending on your need of it. Its light weight and how it stores well makes it a darling for the consumers. It’s also a good pick for hand watering hard to reach garden beds and lawns.


  • Very flexible
  • Comes with extra washers and accessories
  • Fittings are leak proof


  • Not durable for extended heavy use
  • Length is slightly off (not a full 50 feet)

5. Heavy duty GrowGreen 50 ft Expandable hose

Are you looking for the best and most efficient super lightweight garden hose that’s really long? Consider getting yourself the GrowGreen 50 feet expandable hose. It has a manageable 17 feet and when the water pressure is on, it expands to its maximum depending on the length. Once the water pressure is shut off, the hose retracts back to its original size and is very easy to store on a reel.

This bright green expanding hose comes with a spray nozzle but no hook . Its flexibility ensures that you do not have to worry about tangling or kinking.

With this hose, you can water using one of the eight different spraying patterns.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Includes an 8 function sprayer nozzle
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight



  • Poor quality spray nozzle that comes with hose.


Buying a good quality expandable hose requires that you take into consideration a lot of factors. The information we have provided should be able to guide you in making the best purchase. However, in my opinion,  I consider J. Millman & Sons Expandable Garden hose as the best expandable hose because it is available in different lengths to suit your needs and it being  in the market the for a long time means it is a trusted brand.

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