Best Commercial Mower Blades – What are the best heavy duty mower blades?

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Replacement blades for your lawn mower are available in a variety of types. You can get standard, mulching and high lift blades for lawns with different types of grass. The best commercial mower blades will guarantee a clean cut and efficient performance. They are designed for long term use, even when they are subjected to heavy duty work. Here are a few commercial mower blades that may be ideal for you.


I offer landscaping services for a number of households within my area of stay. It started out as a fun activity for me, about 7 years ago. As more people appreciated the work I was doing on my own lawn, they became interested in my services. I had all the equipment ready for work, and started immediately. Over time, my blades became too worn out for use. I looked into the best commercial mower blades available to find an idea replacement. These are some of the options I considered.


  Maxpower 331981s Toro Blade 44-6250 Rotary Heavy duty commercial mulching blade
edges jagged jagged straight
Fit for heavy duty work Yes yes yes
Ratings 3.9 unrated 4.1


Maxpower Universal Gold MetalĀ  331981S 21-Inch Mulching Lawn Mower Blade

The gold coated set of blades looks are works brilliantly. The blades have jagged edges, which increase the cntact between the grass and blades for a cleaner cut. They are tough as a result of austemper hardening, which makes them more durable. They are also compatible with many mower decks, and only require minimal maintenance.


Coated for additional strength

Thick and strong for heavy duty work

Jagged edges ensure a better cut

Works well in harsh conditions

Are very powerful and will grind leaves too


Can be loud

Rotary heavy duty commercial mulching blade

These straight hardened blades offer a great cut. While they are not jagged around the edges, they have a long cutting surface to ensure that the grass is cut in one take. They are durable, and can be used for heavy duty work such as grinding leaves and on lawns with thick grass. They can also be used on large tracts of lawn, as they guarantee a clean cut with minimal effort. These blades can also be used for mulching, and may be great for lawns that need a healthier look.


Austemper hardened for durability

Strong and reliable

Easy to fit and install

Ideal for heavy duty work


Can be loud

Toro 44-6250 lawn mower blade

The genuine set of toro replacement blades can be used commercially. The blades are hardened, to ensure greater performance. They are long lasting, and will not require a lot of maintenance throughout the blade life. They are designed to improve the aerodynamic lift within the deck, which helps during mulching and disposal. They are easy to install, and will fit most mower decks because of their universality. These blades will guarantee great service on heavy duty lawns, as well as turfs with thick and tall grass.


Can be used for a variety of functions

Strong and reliable

Universal fit and is easy to install

Not as loud


Not as strong as the other two blades

My verdict

The best commercial mower blades for me proved to be the Rotary heavy duty commercial mulching blade. It is austemper hardened for extra strength, and is also winged to provide the mower with a powerful lift. For large patches of land and lawns with tall, unevenly growing grass, these blades ensure that the cut is even and effortless. I also enjoyed using this set of blades because of the consistency with different landscapes, and great output on large tracts of land.

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