Best aftermarket lawnmower blades – What set of replacement blades should you look for?

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Finding replacement parts for your mower can be challenging because of the variety of options available, and the factors to consider. If you have never purchased aftermarket parts, you might have trouble finding the best options. You do not have to look any further than this review for the best aftermarket lawnmower blades. It offers thorough research and analysis of different aspects of the available aftermarket lawnmower blades, helping you to determine the best available parts for your mower.


My husband and I have a Honda HRX217 grass cutter with a 42 inch deck and an older Greenworks 25022. While I have been mowing the lawn for a long time, I did not know much about the replacement parts. My husband, Jack, always took care of any sharpening and refurbishment of our tools. For his retirement, I wanted to buy him something special. As his favourite mower was decommissioned, I looked into the best aftermarket lawnmower blades available to find an ideal replacement.

  Stens 340-66 Mulching Set GreenWorks 29172 Maxpower 331040
edges Jagged Straight Straight
Can mulch yes No No
Universal fit Yes Yes Yes
rating 4.4 4.6 4.0


Stens 340-66 Mulching set

This set of Stens blades is available as a pair or two pairs for easy replacement and long term service. The blades are harder than most mower blades, and are curved upwards to provide an aerodynamic lift. Unlike other mulching blades, they have a relatively high lift which makes them more effective.

The blades are ideal for heavy duty work, and will comfortably mow large tracts as well as break down leaves and pine cones. These aftermarket blades are easy to install and are universally fit, making them compatible with many mowers.


  • Great quality
  • Ideal for mulching
  • Powerful
  • Compatible with most mowers
  • Quick and easy to install guarantees a clean cut


  • Needs some filing to remove paint coat off new blades


Maxpower 331040 Universal mower blades

The Maxpower 331040 blades are designed to fit most mower decks. They are easy to install, and may only require a couple of minutes with the right tools. These blades are flat and straight. They are not ideal for mulching because of their lack of cyclic aerodynamic flow. However, they are strong and will last for a long time.

Their performance on wet lawns ranks higher than most other standard blades. Despite their lack of a high lift, they are efficient in cutting and will require relatively little work.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most mower decks


  • Not ideal for mulching
  • Does not have jagged edges for a thorough cut

Greenworks 29172 replacement blade

Even though these blades are designed for GreenWorks mowers, which are mainly electric, they are compatible with other mowers on the market. They are hardened for durability, and have a universal fit. These blades are strong and will fit securely, preventing any damage to the blade or the mower’s components.

These mower blades are available at a friendly price, and could be great for your lawn. However, they are not suitable for mulching. Their standard lift may also demand more effort when handling wet surfaces.


  • Great quality
  • Hardened blades


  • Cannot be used for mulching
  • Regular lift might be inefficient for wet turfs



My verdict

The aftermarket parts each have a number of appealing features. Since I wanted to offer a full surprise, I chose a set that was compatible with our mower, was easy to install, had a great design and offered a clean cut. The Stens 340-66 Mulching Set made the gift unforgettable. We spend hours on end outside, mowing the lawn together.

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