40 Amazing Re-purpose Ideas For Your Wheelbarrow That You Probably NEVER Considered!

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Trash to treasure; 40 Repurpose ideas for your wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow; a simple invention that has helped humans build nations and cities where none stood. The earliest known record of a wheelbarrow (it was basically a box with a wheel underneath) is from AD 1884-280 in China during the Three Kingdoms period. It is believed to be the invention of brilliant general and scholar Zhuge Liang (181-234). Known as the ‘wooden ox and flowing horse’ it was used to supply the general’s armies with grain in hilly, muddy terrain. You probably don’t want to get into a history lesson on wheelbarrows so let’s quit on that. Wheelbarrows seem to be among the few items that have survived the test of time having made it to the 21st century with very few changes. Modern wheelbarrows have up to four wheels and are made of different materials.

Chances are you already know some of the uses of a wheelbarrow. From moving items in construction sites to hauling things around the garden. The good ol’ wheelbarrow is like the best friend that is always around when you need them. But what happens when you realize your trusted helper has seen better days and must retire? Do you swear at it? Dump it at the junk yard? Trade it in? Store it in the junk yard? What if your wheelbarrow isn’t that beat up but it has served its purpose? You bought it, used it but no longer need it. Do you have to dispose off it? There will be no need for that after you read this article. You are about to see that old wheelbarrow in a totally new light. Here are creative uses for a wheelbarrow you probably never considered.

Forty mind blowing items you didn’t know a wheelbarrow could turn into.

  1. Home bank. Hello new saving method. This sounds totally unconventional right? But once you get your head wrapped around the idea, it might start to appeal. If you have pennies and quarters laying around gather them and deposit them in your wheelbarrow bank ……see what I did there? No? Okay. Pitch the idea to your family or friends and get everyone to dump whatever coins they have on the makeshift home bank. Use the total amount saved for a planned road trip or a family vacation
  2. Home décor. We are only on the second idea and I’m sure one of your eyebrows is raised in suspicion and possibly doubt. Yes, it is possible to use a wheelbarrow as décor for your house. Some people choose fairy tale themes for their living rooms, some pick an Africa inspire theme. Others pick a star trek theme; while others choose to throw it all in. a wheelbarrow can make a lovely centerpiece. Paint one in the color of your living room, place it upturned and place the wheel on top. Now place plastic flowers on top and voila! Doesn’t that paint a pretty picture?
  3. Fire pit. If you are like me, you thrive in the outdoors and don’t mind extending time spent out. Sitting around a backyard fire pit has become all the rage especially during fall. Have you been thinking of investing in a fancy backyard fire pit? Why not repurpose a wheelbarrow and save a few dollars while at it. Now that is a hot fire pit idea, yes? While it may be fun to laze around and will certainly add beauty to your backyard. It is important to know how to be safe around the fire pit. When you light that fire pit take precautions to limit your friends’ and family’s exposure to wood smoke. Use only seasoned wood to minimize harmful smoke. You should also build a fire ring by putting rocks around the pit. wheelbarrow-firepit-example
  4. Ice bucket…eer, ice wheelbarrow? Keep your drinks cool all summer as you sunbathe. Having a few friends over for an outdoor party? There is no need to bring out many ice buckets to your backyard. Your wheelbarrow is all you need. Simply place the drinks in it and fill it up with ice cubes and place it where it is convenient for everyone. Trust me, everyone’s drink will be the right kind of chilly and there will be no need to keep rushing to and fro the fridge . Summer is the best time for an outdoor weddings, and we’ve rounded up several good ideas for your outdoor wedding. First, the lights: add them to the tree branches or wrap around the trees to make the place look magic.:
  5. Water fountain. If your garden is missing one of this then you are missing out. Water fountains are magical if you ask me. Having moving water nearby gives a feeling of total elation. I can never tell if it is the glistening water, its graceful motion or the soothing sound it makes. There is just something about water fountains that makes me want to carry every one I see home. A water fountain is a work of art in itself. If you feel as I do, you can own one too. And it’s not even expensive. wheelbarrow water fountain:
  6. Halloween display. All the fun starts when it gets dark right? Wrong. Have fun making Halloween decorations using a wheelbarrow as prop. Whether you want to stack pumpkins in it, put skeletons on it or paint it out to be the wheelbarrow ghost, the choice is yours. Imagine it to be a plain piece of paper. The Halloween ideas you can use it for are limitless. Top 10 Best Ways to Recycle a Wheelbarrow
  7. Vintage fairy garden. Use a wheelbarrow as a platform for a fairy garden. This is sure to make your backyard a tad bit magical. We grow up so fast we lose that childhood wonder we had as children. Let this hold back a bit of that wonder. It is a lovely thing to look at frequently. It might remind you that no matter how bad the day has treated you, there is a happily ever after around the corner just like in fairy tales. wheelbarrow-fairy-garden
  8. Go cart. I’m no engineer but I sure would love to get my hands on one of these bad boys. Turning a plain old wheelbarrow into a racing cart is a beautiful idea but not everyone has the knowhow. So if like me you are no engineer (and possibly don’t know any engineer) have fun pushing your friends or children around in the wheelbarrow. Have them painted in different colors and have a wheelbarrow race. How’s that for weekend fun? derby-car-madefromwheelbarrow
  9. Christmas decoration. It is the most beautiful time of the year. Lights up everywhere and snow to go with them. Have your wheelbarrow painted in the festive season’s color and add cheer into your home. That is not all, fill it up with mistletoe and sprinkle faux snow on top (use cotton balls if you want to save money). Place the wheelbarrow under the Christmas tree and have everyone place their gifts there. This idea can go with any festival or holiday. Cute for my porch at Christmas time!:
  10. Wheelbarrow chair. Pop quiz: if you remove the hardware from your wheelbarrow, cushion it, or not, then screw on legs, what do you get? A chair, an outdoor chair to be specific. Honestly, who doesn’t want one of these? No hammock? Your wheelbarrow has got you covered. The best part is every time you sit to relax, you feel proud that something so comforting was made by your own hands. wheelbarrow-chair
  11. Coffee table. Who knew a gardening tool could be used as furniture? If you screw cedar planks on top of the wheelbarrow, you could create a rustic mobile coffee table. If the idea of a moving coffee table isn’t your cup of tea, remove the wheel and add wooden stands…..or metal stands. You know what; it is your coffee table anyway. So add whatever pleases your soul. http://clv.h-cdn.co/assets/15/25/640x466/gallery-1434483645-dsc-0465.JPG
  12. Wheelbarrow planter. This is for you garden lovers. Repaint your old wheelbarrow, plant some tulips (insert your favorite flowers) and add character to your garden. This is a way to bring that country feeling into your home if you do not have a spacious backyard or any at all. What’s more, you can teach your children to garden on these whimsical planters. Talk has it that the man we bought our farm from did all the landscaping and fencing around the property with only his trusty wheelbarrow and shovel....they say he went thru many, many wheelbarrows! And we inherited 2 of these worn out guys....I intend to make these flowers beds out of them since they are such a big piece of history of our farm! lol:
  13. Barbeque. Instead of buying an overpriced sub-par barbeque, why not build one yourself using a wheelbarrow. I know it sounds funny, but it will catch on once your friends see how cool it is. So how do you go about it? Clean a metal wheelbarrow, you need not detach the wheel and handles unless you want an immobile barbeque. Place a detachable lower rack inside the wheelbarrow that will hold the coal and allow for air circulation. Place stainless steel grills and have friends over. Don’t forget the sausages and steak. Top 10 Best Ways to Recycle a Wheelbarrow
  14. Yard art. Painting the words ‘eggs for sale’ or something more catchy and placing it in the yard is sure to decorate the place. And while at it, it might attract more customers for your eggs. wheelbarrow-sign
  15. Wall art. If you’ve been to 415 st Margaret’s road in Isleworth then you’ve heard or seen ‘Beaver Tool Hire’. They are quite well-known for their wall art. If you have an overload of wheelbarrows you could copy ‘Beaver Tool Hire’ and mount them up as unconventional wall art. Top 10 Best Ways to Recycle a Wheelbarrow
  16. Baby stroller. Well, you don’t need to push your infant around in this. What you can do is cushion it, fix a parasol on it and voila! This DIY stroller fully reclines by default. If you want to prop up your child all you need to do is add some pillows. Now you can chill outdoors with your baby. It is really more of an outdoors bed for your little angel. No need to drag the stroller out. Safety tips: during hot summer days keep a fan nearby but not too close for your baby’s curious hands to get to- hot, uncomfortable baby is a cranky baby. Invest in a stroller cover net to protect your baby from flies and other bugs. Keep your baby close to you all the time
  17. Fall display. Fill the wheelbarrow with fall findings like pumpkins, dried grapevine vines, corn and well, anything you feel fits the bill. It makes for pretty picture. Sights like these are why it always feels like there is just something special about fall.
  18. Address sign. Have our house number easily seen from the streets. Find an old rusty wheelbarrow, take it apart, clean and sand it then paint it. a classic case of trash turns treasure. It does make a beautiful addition to the front porch. Repurposed-Wheelbarrow-Address-Sign-diy-idea
  19. Mud pit. What you need; soil, water, wheelbarrow, kids or adults that are young at heart (raise your hand if you fall under this category). Those little copies of you have to get muddy while small.It is part of the circle of life. Turn it into a play box where the children can play make believe, get messy and have good old fashioned fun.. wheelbarrow-mud-pit
  20. Place card holder. Use Styrofoam blocks, a wheelbarrow and flowers to display place cards at functions such as weddings. The repurposed wheelbarrow has chance of turning out into a center of attraction for all you know. And who doesn’t want their wedding to be a memorable event? There you have it, use this idea and have your friends talk about it years to come (or until the trend catches on) Hosting a garden wedding? Display place cards in a repurposed wheelbarrow. Use a styrofoam block, wooden dowels, and flowers to create this floral display. See more at Ivy Ellen Wedding Invitations and Stationery.
  21. Wheelbarrow garden. Almost the same as a wheelbarrow planter but not quite. This is in all rights a legit garden, only smaller and raised. If your wheelbarrow doesn’t have holes, you will have to drill several in the lowest spot. Fill with rich potting soil and get ready to plant. You can plant say kales or desert succulents. Remember to fertilize every week or so. You can place your little outside your kitchen and surprise! You are now the proud owner of a kitchen garden.
  22. Feeding trough. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read this? The sound of chirping birds, the feel of a soft breeze on your face and the memory of your pet sheep named Brownie. Good old country life. Your kids will love this repurpose idea. turn the wheelbarrow into a feeding trough and have your kids have fun feeding smaller farm animals
  23. A friendly gift. Had you thought of this? A simple gesture we can all do but usually overlook yet it is right under our noses. Give out your wheelbarrow where it is needed more. It could be to a friend, a retirement home, a community center or a cause. Someone might benefit from an item you deemed worthless. Is there a better way of making someone smile than giving them a gift? Truper 30347 Kids Garden Tools Kids Wheelbarrow
  24. Hey hey choo choo train. There used to be a nursery rhyme about choo choo trains. Now you can make your own choo choo train. The idea is meant for children but don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t sit in it. If it fits, it sits. Screw two or more wheelbarrows together after removing the hardware. Fix wheels on the wheelbarrows, have your kids ‘board’ the train and drive them around all afternoon. Have fun during those long summer days.
  25. A bed for your pet. Cozy and warm, that’s how I like to see my furry friends. This is why I’d recommend this repurpose idea. And it is so simple to make you will wonder why you never thought of it. Throw in a few pillows and a warm blanket and feel butterflies in your stomach when you see your pets cuddle in their new bed. Plus side; if you have a number of pets, you are saved from having to buy a bed for each one of them. Chickens:
  26. Book stand. All the book lovers in the house move to this side. Are your books lying in a pile in your bed room? Or are they stacked in a box because you don’t have a book stand (or it is full of books already). Create a bookstand by removing the wheel from the wheelbarrow and screwing in shelves. Hello bookstand.
  27. Book cart. When I was little, I got a tiny red book cart I used to drag to the library for my birthday. It got spoilt not long after it was bought. It was the saddest incident in my young life. That was, until my uncle made me another book cart. he had a small red plastic wheelbarrow that was no longer in use. So he screwed smaller wheels on it and a long handle. He’s still my favorite uncle to date. There is no moral of the story, only that you can make a book cart from a wheelbarrow.
  28. Party theme. I know someone must be rolling their eyes asking “how?” everyone is having a themed party these days. So why not outdo them? Have a Wild West themed party. Have people come in cowboy boots and hats, let them sit in hay stacks. Fill a wheelbarrow in straws and place snacks on top then dance to your favorite Texan country songs.
  29. Water trough. This suits your little farmers. Kids have fun doing well anything. So they will love giving the farm animals water in wheelbarrows. Fill up the wheelbarrow with water and push it to the cowshed or goat pen. I know it sounds odd but just picture what fun they will have playing in with the water, scooping it in their tiny hands and giving it to the animals. In case they get bored, your kids will leave the wheelbarrow in the shed or pen. This means the animals’ watering schedule doesn’t change.
  30. Wheelbarrow water play park? Water again. It is like I’m doing an endorsement for water. I digress. The essence of this repurpose idea is for your kids to have fun while cooling themselves during hot summer days if you have no baby pool.
  31. Light up your world. Or your garden. Get yourself big beautifully coloured bulbs in different shapes. Arrange them as creatively as you can on a wheelbarrow. Connect them to a socket. Now watch the play of colors come to life as they light up your garden or backyard or front porch. The more lights you have the better. This would be suitable for an quiet dinner outdoors with your loved ones
  32. Tool box anyone? You might want to keep your garage or shed closed if you decide to use the wheelbarrow as a toolbox. If you have many tools, a simple toolbox just won’t do. Keep your sledgehammers and machetes in a wheelbarrow instead of letting them lie around the shed.
  33. Fruit stand. This is a very practical idea, especially if you are having a lot of people over. Prepare in advance by painting the wheelbarrow in a cheery color and place fruits from your bountiful harvest (or journey to the grocery) and place it strategically where everyone can pick one as they catch up. Holiday spirit activated. wheelbarrow-fall-decor (2)
  34. Work of art. Cal Lane is credited with being one of the world’s best when it comes to beautifying anything metal. Be inspired by her work and try something out yourself. If it proves hard you can always have someone that works with metal to help you.

Top 10 Best Ways to Recycle a Wheelbarrow

35. Welcoming idea. Quite literary. You can decorate your wheelbarrow and place it near your entrance way or on the front porch. It is a beautiful way to signal people that you are around and to make them feel welcome. I am definitely going to try this one

Filled wheelbarrow with pumpkins, gourds and mums:

36. How about change nothing at all? Just use your wheelbarrow as is to have fun. Push around your children, siblings or friends in it and have plain old fun. It is memories like this that people remember when they are older. “…but childhood is the place I loved, and miss, the most.” – Jane Birkin on her favourite place on Earth

"...but childhood is the place I loved, and miss, the most." - Jane Birkin on her favourite place on Earth:

37. Lawn lamps holder. A little unconventional but hey, that is the purpose of this whole article. Instead of having gnomes on your lawn like everyone else, why not try this idea out. Hopping you have a number of wheelbarrows (get some from your friends if you don’t) clean them, place garden lamps on them and have them in your garden. Let tour neighbors tell you what they think of your new lawn decoration.

38. Use it as a trap. Well, this is basically self-explanatory. Set it up trap anything, from farm rodents to rabbits while out in the countryside hunting. Image result for repurpose old wheelbarrow

39. Wheelbarrow sled. No sled for winter? No need to visit that hardware store. What, with that creative brain. Make yours from scratch using a wheelbarrow. Who knew it could be created into something that literary gives joy? Image result for repurpose old wheelbarrow

40. Memory box. I saved the best for last. Remember when I said a wheelbarrow is like the best friend that is always there when you need them? Why not let your best friend store your memories for you, your friends and family. When you gather up during holidays a couple of years from today you can open up the covered wheelbarrow and reminisce together. The best part is that it has enough space for loads of memories.

Is it worth the trouble?

It is. The good old classic metal wheelbarrow lasts for decades. Just because it has outlived its intended use does not mean it deserves to be sent to the junkyard. It might appear worthless but it is a diamond in the rough. Knowing you can make so many beautiful things from a simple item is worth the trouble. There might be more ways to repurpose a wheelbarrow out there than what I’ve covered. If there aren’t, you can always come up with more. The beauty of creativity is that it is boundless. You never know what you might come up with. A concept today could be a product tomorrow. So go grab that rusty wheelbarrow and have fun with friends and family transforming it from an ugly moth to a beautiful butterfly.

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